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Global Coffee Report looks at sustainability in packaging | Global Coffee Report

Coffee market settles lower amid strong global exports | Global Coffee Report

Sugar news alert: Sugar futures ease as India output forecast hiked,boosting export talk

Wednesday:07 March 2018Sugar futures ease, as India output forecast hiked, boosting export ideasThe Indian Sugar Mills Association lifts substantially its forecast for India's sugar output, spurring talk of the country's return to net exports
SOFTS-NY cocoa climbs to 14-month high, raw sugar edges up

Coffee Crop

Deep in Brazil's Mountains, a Coffee Boom Is Ready to Take Hold


Cepea, February 16, 2018 – Green coffee shipments started 2018 at a slow pace and may continue slow throughout this 2017/18 season. This scenario has been observed since 2017, because of refrained sellers, low supply in Brazil and the low interest of purchasers, who may wait for the beginning of the 2018/19 national crop to buy higher volumes. Besides the positive biennial cycle for arabica next crop, good weather conditions have helped the grains filling process for both varieties, arabica and robusta, and crops renewal, mainly for robusta, which may allow a large crop this year.
Coffee Exporters Council, known as Cecafé, says that, in the partial of the season (from July/17 to January/18), 16.31 million 60-kilo bags of green beans (arabica and robusta) were shipped, for a decrease of 11.2% compared to the same period last season (2016/17).





How to trade Coffee


The Future of Coffee Depends on You(th)

Hedge fund positions in numbers, for weekto February 20

$SB_F Mar rollover to $SB_F May @ $230

SAXO - COT: A fourth week of oil selling despite recovery


Brazilian farmers hold out for higher #coffee prices

Brazilian coffee farmers see current prices as insufficient to cover costs and have no intention of selling at the moment, despite a looming record crop, producers and market experts told Reuters.

Short coffee?

Short coffee
Among soft commodities, arabica coffee futures rediscovered forward gears, rebounding 1.7% to 120.90 cents a pound for May delivery, for the first positive session in five.
Headway was helped by a stronger real, which gained 0.6% against the dollar, so boosting the value of assets in which Brazil is a major trading force.
Furthermore, bulls were encouraged by data showing a jump in open interest on Wednesday of 7,519 contracts to 230,077 contracts – fresh positions which, in a falling market, would appear to be short bets.
This provoked ideas of something of an overhang of short coffee bets, with many taken out at low prices, making them vulnerable to any rise in prices.

Brazil’s Cooxupé, the world’s largest coffee growers’ co-operative of coffee farmers, forecast that its exports of the bean will grow by 8% to 4.4m bags in 2018, bolstered by rising production.
Cooxupé’s chief executive, Carlos Paulino da Costa, told Reuters that the co-operative was expecting deliveries …

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#COFFEE Certified Stock in Ports and Warehouses down -1.3% w-o-w, -3.9% YTD and up 43% YOY

Managed money open interest -46K contracts, down -10K in a week.

#COCOA Certified Stock in Ports and Warehouses up 5.5% w-o-w, 25% YTD and 9% YOY


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Tech boom or steady growth?

Tech boom or steady growth? $NQ_F contract market value is about to surpass $ES_F value first time since 2000 or something in coming days.

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#Crypto mining projected y-o-y return @ HashFlare, weekly update

Profitability is off sharply from last week (2/2/2018)

TODAY IN ENERGY: U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions expected to rise slightly in 2018, remain flat in 2019

TODAY IN ENERGY: Thursday, February 8, 2018U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions expected to rise slightly in 2018, remain flat in 2019EIA estimates that U.S. energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions declined by 861 million metric tons (14%) from 2005 to 2017. In the latest Short-Term Energy Outlook, EIA projects that CO2 emissions will rise 1.8%, from 5,143 million metric tons in 2017 to 5,237 million metric tons in 2018, then remain virtually unchanged in 2019. In 2019, energy-related CO2 emissions will be about 13% lower than 2005 levels.See graph and read more...Today in Energy, published every weekday, brings you short, timely articles with graphics on energy facts, issues, and trends. Questions, comments, story suggestions? Email us at you can publish or promote Today in Energy content on your website. Go to our outreach page for banners and badges, and to find widgets with the code that pull each day's Today in Energy

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Crypto mining projected y-o-y return @ HashFlare, weekly update


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Now full of Blockchain´s naked put´s. Finally decent IV to sell, between 110-210%. OSTK, KODK, RIOT and HMNY

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Now I sit and wait with #Sugar, burning Theta.

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