This is good-one: “Gold will plummet to $750… real-estate will drop another 30%... and the DOW will plunge to 6,000.”

Dear Reader, 

If you watch CNBC, it’s likely you’ve seen this man.  

He’s the economist who recently said, “Gold will plummet to $750… real-estate will drop another 30%... and the DOW will plunge to 6,000.”  

He even had the audacity to tell CNBC contributor Ron Insana, “You and Robert Malthus don’t know what you’re talking about!” 

When I heard this, I wondered, “Who the heck does this guy think he is?” 

Then I took a look at his track record...  

Harry Dent has predicted nearly every major economic trend over the past 30 years…including the 1991 recession, Japan’s lost decade, the 2001 tech crash, the bull market and housing boom of the last decade and, most recently, the credit and housing bubble.

And I’m thrilled he’s letting us share his latest research with Stocks & Commodities readers. I must warn you, I was shocked when I heard what he's forecasting for the coming months.

The scary thing is, much of what he predicts is already starting to happen.

But you can see it for yourself right here. 

Shannon Sands


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