The real reason for the oil price rise revealed, mission completed, WTI @ $45

Mission completed!!!

EUR/RUB have room to another move.

One more push and we are done! Dont give up!

On February 10, the most influential man in the world (or at least at the top three) said, thats it! I want the price of oil would be $45, and the EUR / RUB exchange rate back to 60 by the May 1-st. Working people need a gift!

Technically, it is not too difficult to do. The current price level and sentiment helping a lot.
What is needed is money, commitment and the best traders.
In many cases, buy at low liquidity period price up 0.8-1.2% and the rest of the work will be done by stop orders and short covering, which activate each other. At the time of panic buying , you sell all or part of the previously purchased the contracts. On the day when the operation is on hold, the price will fall, and at the time of panic selling start quietly buy again.

At the same time, sufficiently prominent speeches and press releases needed to support price movement. It remains to be hoped that price is not going back to fundamentals (fundamentals always win (such as Silver Thursday)), and no one lobbying too much for.

Fortunately, there is a powerful emotion on the market. So far operation have performed better than expected. Goldman and Citi with sub $20´s px tgt have to sit and watch.

Spot the similarity

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